Your Daily Inspiration: Tessellation

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Oliver Tessmann - Blurring Structure
Oliver Tessmann – Blurring Structure

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An Unusual Gateway to Science

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The top floor of the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale opens to a vast amount of surfaces covered in QR codes. Visitors can decode these using their tablet computers, iPads or iPhones to explore the meaning behind them all; ideas for a new Russian city which is dedicated to science.

Russian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2012

In contrast to the top floor of the building, visitors can peer through lenses to catch a glimpse of the secretive science towns which were established under the Soviet Union downstairs.

The architectural team behind this phenomena are: Pierre de Meuron, Rem Koolhaas, Kazuyo Sejima and the Venice Architecture Biennale’s director David Chipperfield.

Below are images of how the exhibition works.

Russian Pavilion: How This Works
Russian Pavilion: How This Works

I think this is a great way for the general public to engage themselves with the latest technology, and at the same time, be able to see the ideas behind a city which will inevitably serve a gracious purpose in the future.

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The Air Tattoo; A New Form of Self-Expression?

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Today, have shared something which has caught my eye… An Air Tattoo. Whether that is because I have some, if quite small, interest in fashion – I’m not sure but this could quite possibly be something which will be further developed into something a lot sturdier.

These air tattoos look fragile, but they are in fact made of a tough paper-like material that is waterproof and resistant to tearing…



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Similar to normal tattoos, these are created by a drawing of the desired pattern and simply clips around the neck by slotting one into the other – tessellation.

A smart idea in my mind, however I think the name is quite unworthy and incorrect. It should be something like “Air Jewellery” rather than a tattoo. The designs look familiar to some tattoo patterns, however I can’t help but think that they are somewhat too alike many jewellery which is on the market these days.

Nevertheless, I think this could be a brighter form of self-expression as a supplement for actual tattoos – the air tattoo seems more lady-like for women than those tattoos plastered across their arms/legs/back.

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