Silence… Jon DeBoer Photography

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Jon DeBoer – black and white photography

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China’s Greatest

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Design Collective Neri and Hu

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A Rococo Masterpiece

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I have decided, following my last post, that it would be a great idea to share with you all some of my inspirations in the hope that you too might become inspired. Maybe that’s to finish of one of the hardest projects you’ve faced, or simply to get through the working day. So here’s my first inspiration for you…

Brühl, Schloss Augustusburg, Treppenhaus


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Tumblr; an Archive of the World’s Greatest Photographs and Inspirations

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Tumblr, one of the most popular social networking and microblogging, was founded in February of 2007. Many of you may have heard of Tumblr, use it or may never have heard of it before and think I am talking gobble-de-goop.

However, the ten’s of thousands – or even millions! – of photographs which are posted – probably each month. It can be a minefield but you can be guaranteed to find something that suits you. Suits your blog, your mood, hooby, or even your lifetime ambitions.

For example… Searching for the Tag ” Architecture “, here are a few snapshots at what you are most likely to find…

The National Gallery Berlin

The New York Times Building – Renzo Piano

Or even ” Interiors ” …

Modern Interior is one of the most popular to appear within this tag
Unusual but modern designs
Simple details

And now for one of my favourites… ” Exteriors ” …


A wide variety of photographs and design come up through some of the easiest of tags – this for me is a great way to find those all important inspirations to pursue what I enjoy, so maybe you too can create your own Tumblr “microblog” for your inspirations.

For mine, visit:

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Simplicity; At Its Best

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Architects OODA have recently renovated a flat in Porto by adding a suspended hammock above the main Read the rest of this entry »

Villa Extramuros – Vora Arquitectura

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One of my favourite types of architecture without a doubt is Traditionally Cultured and European natured. This heart-stopper by Vora Arquitectura combines these exquisitely.


This Portuguese guesthouse by Jordi Fornells and Rolf Heinemann really stands out to me with its modern architecture and interiors, you can clearly see why anyone wouldn’t object to spending a few nights in this relaxed and spacious atmosphere.


With the many communal living rooms looking out on to the courtyard, and the dining room which has a balcony looking out on the fields and olive trees, it’s hard not to see the beauty and desire in this type of setting.


With only five guest suites, you can dose yourself with your very own private terrace; what is there not to like?

The inside walls and ceilings are made from concrete, whilst cork lines a selection of exterior walls and surfaces.

Now for the interior…


The majority of the furnishings are a mixture of designer pieces and traditional local textiles.


With the small details such as sliding doors and intriguing wall panels, this guest house really is the definition of what sort of traditional interior and exterior architecture Portugal has to offer.

In my opinion, this is completely and utterly perfect, whether it’s for a peaceful honeymoon or just to get away from the city, there’s everything to like about this place. The intricate attention to detail speaks for itself.

What are your thoughts on this guest house?

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The Air Tattoo; A New Form of Self-Expression?

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Today, have shared something which has caught my eye… An Air Tattoo. Whether that is because I have some, if quite small, interest in fashion – I’m not sure but this could quite possibly be something which will be further developed into something a lot sturdier.

These air tattoos look fragile, but they are in fact made of a tough paper-like material that is waterproof and resistant to tearing…



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Similar to normal tattoos, these are created by a drawing of the desired pattern and simply clips around the neck by slotting one into the other – tessellation.

A smart idea in my mind, however I think the name is quite unworthy and incorrect. It should be something like “Air Jewellery” rather than a tattoo. The designs look familiar to some tattoo patterns, however I can’t help but think that they are somewhat too alike many jewellery which is on the market these days.

Nevertheless, I think this could be a brighter form of self-expression as a supplement for actual tattoos – the air tattoo seems more lady-like for women than those tattoos plastered across their arms/legs/back.

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