Your Daily Inspiration; Little Nooks

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Have you got some wasted space in your house which could do with having something to occupy it?

Perhaps we can help you out with our Daily Inspiration today …

Little Nooks 2


An obvious wasted space is by a large window, which you can’t really fit anything else in there – too small for a sofa or chair for example – but could do with a little something.

A window-seat is one of the obvious options to go for, because however small the space, you can design it to suit.

Little Nooks 3


A modern idea for a wasted area at one end of a teenager’s room would be to add a desk space for them by the window – the natural light will help to focus them on their homework.

As they get older, the end space could be changed to a make-up table etc, so this could be really handy to have the option of easily changing functions.


Little Nooks 4



Little Nooks


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