Apollo Architects & Associates: A Family Home in Downtown Tokyo

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In Downtown Tokyo, Apollo Architects and Associates have built a 65 sqm house in which a couple and their three children intend to live in…

“Grow” House

The first floor of the tight house has a garage, cockpit-like office and main bedroom.

On the second floor, there is a large changing room and sleeping quarters for the children (which is separated by curtains). There is also a set of double doors which open out onto a courtyard from the main bathroom which allows you to enjoy a private relaxing “outdoor” bath with fresh air.

Second Floor Bathroom
Second Floor Bathroom

The third and final floor houses the main communal living areas, such as the kitchen and family area.

Third floor family room
Third floor family room
Third floor kitchen
Third floor kitchen

I really like the whole design of this house because even though the plot is very small, Apollo Architects have managed to design the essential living spaces without being put of by it. The whole interior of the tight building is all of the same style – sleek, modern and almost industrial appliances throughout the floors.

For photographs and more information:


http://www.designboom.com/architecture/apollo-architects-and-associates-grow-house-in-downtown-tokyo/ ]

Apollo Architects:


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