A Japanese Micro – Living – Environment

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Having started to catch up with new interior design breakthroughs on Abitare.it, something which has caught my attention is a micro-living-environment in the suburbs where the low buildings alternate from the large two and three floored in more built up areas.

Sky Catcher

Unlike the surrounding metal sheeting, plaster and light brown bricked houses, SkyCatcher protects its interior with timber walls which create an intimate relationship with nature inside such a light construction.

What makes this space so bright and full of energy is the main courtyard in which the rest of the house has been designed around. With minimal windows on the exterior walls of the house, a lot of natural lighting is still acquired through the centre of the rectangular plot.

SkyCatcher – The Courtyard


The interior of the living spaces are open, light and minimal which is what I like most about this design. Simple and not cluttered is usually best for living spaces so they are not cramped and helps the people encountering the space a lot more relaxed.

SkyCatcher – Interior


For photographs and more information:


http://www.abitare.it/en/interior-design-2/a-micro-environment-for-living/ ]

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