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Happy New Year !!!

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Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you so much for your support, comments and follows this last year. Without your support, The Design 411 would not be any where near as what it is today, so thank you.

May you all have a healthy 2013!

Massimo Scolari – The Representation of Architecture 1967-2012

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Massimo Scolari, an Italian architect, painter and designer, recently told Danielle Rago of,“architecture is a way of knowing the world and exploring the world in the most poetic way”. Through Scolari’s extensive forty year career, his visionary drawings ultimately redefines the anatomy of architecture and the ideas of urbanism.

Horus 1985, watercolor on cardboard, 25.4 x 36.5 cm
Horus 1985, watercolor on cardboard, 25.4 x 36.5 cm

The above watercolour expresses both structure and  evidence of surrealism whilst outlining significant points in time for the ever – evolving architecture industry. This is something which interests me greatly – a graduated architect using their knowledge in the field to then artistically show the various turning points between 1967 and the present.

Acropoli 1984, water colour on card, 24.3 x 33.7 cm
Acropoli 1984, watercolor on card, 24.3 x 33.7 cm

Again, in Scolari’s above piece, you can see the outlines of architectural structures and how they have become a part of the industry today.

 Architettura Laconica, 1973
Architettura Laconica, 1973

The above (presuming this is something from an old sketchbook of Scolari’s) shows some of his earlier thought processes and ideas.

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“What is Architecture to You?”

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What is architecture to you?

This is a very popular interview question, which I have decided to ask myself – a test, if you like.

Architecture is more than just the buildings which make up our world around us, it is the structure (square, rectangular or circular), the materialization (concrete, wood etc) and visual representation of these buildings. Architecture is the craft, skill and practice of taking a plot of land – however big or small – and designing something useful for its intended use.

Similarly, if someone were to ask me, “what is your favorite type of architecture?” I wouldn’t be able to give them a straight answer. I admire both regency style and modern architecture.

Regency Architecture - Cheltenham, England
Regency Architecture – Cheltenham, England
Modern Architecture
Modern Architecture

Although modern architecture is primarily made up of concrete blocks and plain walls, I think it has the potential to grow into something much more than just “blocks” or “concrete boxes” – what that is, I am not quite sure of.

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