DCPP Arquitectos; Sky Condos

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As photographed below, DCPP Arquitectos from Mexico have designed a tower of what they call “sky condos”, in Lima, Peru. The twenty storey residential building would be constructed beside a golf course on the eastern side of the city.

DCPP Sky Condos

The apartments feature glass façades and a series of elevated courtyards which will also include the concrete swimming pools.

DCPP Sky Condos

However, the designs from the architects show the swimming pools without any safety railings.

DCPP Sky Condos

In my opinion these condos have a fantastic design and would be a rather intriguing addition to the skyline of Lima. However, the only down-side is the rail-less swimming pools – clearly this would be a health and safety issue which could be easily cleared up if with glass railings.

Photographs, and for more information:



http://www.dezeen.com/2012/08/23/sky-condos-by-dcpp-arquitectos/ ]

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