The Air Tattoo; A New Form of Self-Expression?

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Today, have shared something which has caught my eye… An Air Tattoo. Whether that is because I have some, if quite small, interest in fashion – I’m not sure but this could quite possibly be something which will be further developed into something a lot sturdier.

These air tattoos look fragile, but they are in fact made of a tough paper-like material that is waterproof and resistant to tearing…



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Similar to normal tattoos, these are created by a drawing of the desired pattern and simply clips around the neck by slotting one into the other – tessellation.

A smart idea in my mind, however I think the name is quite unworthy and incorrect. It should be something like “Air Jewellery” rather than a tattoo. The designs look familiar to some tattoo patterns, however I can’t help but think that they are somewhat too alike many jewellery which is on the market these days.

Nevertheless, I think this could be a brighter form of self-expression as a supplement for actual tattoos – the air tattoo seems more lady-like for women than those tattoos plastered across their arms/legs/back.

What are your opinions on this new creation? Leave us a comment below.


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